1920 C.S Bell Mill – Antique Coffee Grinder Identified

Original email request from John

I have a single large wheel mill with "No. 3" as the only cast marking on the wheel itself. I was planning to take it apart and sand blast it, and I'm assuming the internal workings are relatively simple (no springs?). Someone painted it silvert then blue. I have photos I can Email you. Thanks

Thanks for looking into that. I was planning to take it apart, sand blast it and get it back to working order. I'm assuming the internal workings are relatively simple (no springs, right?). It was my in my great grandfather's general store in West Mineral, KS, so I plan to keep it.

And here is my response :

I think it is 1920 C.S Bell Mill. I'm not 100% sure on the year, but it is definitely C S Bell mill.

If you think this is something else, please help me identify this one.

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Tom Gresham June 2, 2017 at 4:19 pm

It looks like my No. 2 mill from C. S. Bell. The lack of a name on it means it was sold through a catalog or even as someone else’s brand. Although, if sold as an item for someone else they usually carried the brand name of the purchaser. Think Sears and sawbuck.


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