Peugeot Freres A 2 Cast Iron Coffee Grinder Identification

This beautiful Peugeot coffee grinder identification request was submitted by Ethan R. And here is the original email from him.

We are looking to sell an old Peugeot cast-iron coffee grinder/mill with a wooden tray, marked “Peugeot Freres Brevetes S.C.D.G.” with “A” and “2” in alternating corners on the base, still in working order. Photos attached. How old do you think it might be, and do you have an idea (ballpark) as to what it might be worth or where we should sell it?
Best, Ethan

*Top 3 photos are from Ethan, and the bottom 3 photos are samples for appraisal.

My Thoughts :

I think this coffee grinder, made in France, dates anywhere between 1879 - 1910. Unfortunately, I can't figure out the exact year from the pictures you've sent me. For the price, I'd say anywhere between $175 - $250 is reasonable. But there are few cases where it was sold for more than $500. Here are some of the sample with sold price. (min, avg, max)

  1. Picture 1 - Sold for $85.00
  2. Picture 2 - Sold for $250.00
  3. Picture 3 - Sold for $550.00

So as you can see the prices really fluctuate between the similar Peugeot Freres Brevetes A 2. Hope this helped. By the way, I think the 3rd one, which was sold for $550.00 is a different model, which was built during 1930+ Previous models are cast iron with heavier looking. Just my thought.

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