Antique Coffee Grinders to be Appraised

Submitted by Dennis - Need more information about the grinder
Enterprise No 5 Lamp

Enterprise No 5 Lamp

Enterprise No 5 Lamp

Submitted by Jennifer - Needs basic information from her.

By Diane B.
Would you by any chance know what the value of a mint condition large copper ampia garanzia manul coffee grinder would be? When I say large it is 10 lbs and has a wheel and handle.

By Diana S.
I have a Universal Landers, Frary, Clark model CAH544 in excellant working condition. All original, but the lid from the bean hopper is missing. What is the approx value of this antique. It is all originl and he might even have the original recpt from the purchase.

By Rhonda M.
I have a brass or copper coffee mill that appears to be European. It has three faces on it and a music note on the handle. I am interested in possibly selling it but would like an estimate first. Where should I write and send pictures to offer this up for sale? As far as I can tell it is a "one of a kind" as I have not been able to find anything similar to it.

By Robert V.
Price please for Enterprise No3 Coffee Grinder in Untouched Condition. Also shipping costs to the UK please.

By Heidi J.
I am looking for any information about a coffee grinder/mill that I own including an appraisal. I can't seem to find any information regarding a standing, floor grinder. The manufacturer is The Swift Mill Lane Brothers. On the wheel is printed the manufacturer's name and Poughkeepsiee NY. Behind the wheel is printed Patented Dec 9, 1873. It stands 64 inches high, width is 29 1/2 inches, and depth of 20 inches wheel to wheel or 24 inches leg to leg.

By Tim H.
I have had an old charles parker coffee grinder for along time now and would really like to get rid of it. Just needed to know if anyone would be interested. I have no clue what it is worth. It is a 700 model made in 1897. It is red but I don't think that thats the oridginal color. It stands 24 1/2" tall and the two wheels are 16 3/4" in diameter. It is in great shape and Iam sure eveything works and all parts are there except the box that catches the beans. I sure would be gratefull if you know where I could find a buyer for this or what its worth. I lost my job and kinda pressed for money.

By Donnie W.
we have a john wright inc wrightsville pa coffee mill grinder that we are trying to sale and i need to know what the value of it is.
By Bob W.
I have two old grinders and 4 coffee cans left me in a divorce. Have no use for them, ex was a collector and she did not want them back after I found them in things she left. Wondering what they are worth and where/how to sell them. Would like to sell to someone who would appreciate them. Am keeping one that is family heirloom and one daughter wanted.

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